Spray Paints & Inks

paint1The pigments in marking spray paints are especially finely ground so that, when compared with other surface coatings, they are more resistant to settling out and to clogging in and at the nozzle. These are all eco-friendly products, e.g. alcohol-based.


  • fast drying,
  • clear marking dots,
  • good UV resistance.

The paints can be used on surfaces that are wet or dry, hot or cold, light or dark, porous or smooth, and even on greasy surfaces. They can be used, for instance, on sheet metal, pipes, plastics, textiles, glass, stone, wood, paper, ceramics and rubber.

All the standard shades and fluorescent paints are available.

Special shades and applications on request.

Standard – Paint and Inks

Type WPF 1922 lcohol-based marking paint with reduced settling, fast-drying, various shades as required. Suitable thinner: WPV 0218.
Type WPF 0232 Solvent-based marking paint with reduced settling, extremely fast drying. Suitable thinner: VPV 0222.
Type WPT 1800 Marking ink, alcohol-based, non-settling, fast-drying
  • 1 liter bottle, matching the MDG 3 material pressure tank
  • 2 liter tin, matching the MDG 4 material pressure tank
  • 10 liter canister, matching the MDG 22 material pressure tank
  • Larger containers on request.