PILOT Signier auto
PILOT Signier

Fully automatic standard spray gun with round-jet or wide-jet air cap (conventional atomization). Suitable for a wide range of delicate spraying jobs: for coating small parts, for dot and line marking. Read more →

PILOT WA 600 auto

Small automatic spray gun for the finest surface finishes.Internal control feature opens and closes the atomizing air input. Material volume regulation through notch-type fine adjustment. Conventional spraying. Read more →

PILOT WA 703-K auto

Automatic spray gun series for all standard adhesive spray assignments. Conventional atomisation with internal control. The front body and all the wetted parts are made of stainless steel. Read more →

PILOT Extrusion Gun manual
PILOT Extrusion Gun

PILOT Extrusion Gun

The PILOT extrusion gun is equipped with a tapered nozzle so that the application rate can be adjusted as required. For high-viscosity adhesives and sealants. Read more →