Non Contact Spray Marking Systems


Non contact spray marking solutions for component identification in industrial applications by means of coding or marking.

Spray Marking Systems

These can range from a single colour, manually activated, single spray gun to complex fully automatic multiple gun multiple colour systems.

Systems can be integrated into an existing monitoring process or custom designed to meet customer specific requirements.

The spray marking gun control solenoid can be activated from a signalling device within process or by the simple activation from a manual trigger device.

These systems are ideal for fault marking, product identification or specialist marking in any manufacturing process.

The marks can be in the form of dots, lines or even alphanumeric when guns are block mounted to allow computer generated dot matrix application.

The high speed repeatable operation is achieved by extremely short switching time. This ranges from 20 milliseconds for the standard pneumatic operation to 3 milliseconds for the high speed block mounted electromagnetic version.

These high precision systems work with small amounts of paint and are therefore a cost efficient solution to marking requirements and due to the extremely short switching times produce repeatable accurate results even at high throughput speeds.

In addition to marking, these systems can be adapted for fine edge detail work as well as specialist coating of small parts and decoration.

In order to ensure non-pulsating transfer of the material to the spray gun the systems are usually fed from pressure tanks, size dependent on application. These tanks as with the systems can be custom designed to meet the requirements of the material to be conveyed.

Options include high and low level sensors and manual, pneumatic or electric agitators.

Spray Marking Tanks

In a multiple gun system as the spray marking guns are individually activated they are ideal for zonal identification of fault location on larger work pieces.

Multiple gun mounted marking blocks are available to apply alphanumeric characters. These large-character printers can be configured with up to 12 guns as standard, but special configurations can be assembled.

Spot Marking Guns are usually chosen for delicate spraying operations such as non-contact marking and defect marking as part of quality control processes.

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