Automatic Spray Guns

Automatic Spray Guns

A full range of automatic spray guns for every application.

Guns can be either internal or external controlled.

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Roboter WA900 Auttomated Spray Gun

Whatever the media to be applied we have a gun in our range that will meet your requirement; these include paints, enamels, oils, foods and coatings.

Internal control allows gun settings to be adjusted on the gun itself whereas external control allows settings to be adjusted remotely which negates accidental alteration of settings.

These guns are also available with a range of quick change adaptor plates. These plates are fed with all the necessary services which allow the gun to be easily replaced in the event of failure or planned maintenance so reducing downtime.

Automatic Spray Guns

Material can be fed to the gun from source by either pressure tank or via diaphragm or displacement pump.

In the case of hard to access and internal applications modular design extensions are available.

These are specifically designed to meet the exact requirement of the process both in size and material application.

Spare parts and repair kits are available for all spray guns in our range which allows for modification as well as replacement of worn parts.

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Our Comprehensive range of Spray Guns takes in both manual and automatic, single and multi nozzle. So from single spray guns to complete systems we can offer you the solution for your production needs.




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Our knowledge, over 25 years in this industry, enables us to provide you with impartial advice concerning your spraying application, and we are happy to offer free technical advice tailored to your specific application.




Spray Direct Ltd is the independent UK agent for Walther Pilot GmbH.


All Walther Pilot products meet the most stringent of international standards and rigourous quality requirements.

Manufacturing procedures comply with directive 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment Directive) ensuring that even specialist requirements are handled with speed, flexibility and exacting quality standards.

Walther Pilot products meet the directives of the EAC, a special product-related EurAsian certification (formerly GOST), the US ASME code and Chinese regulations.

Walther Pilot's tank manufacturing division meets the strict requirements of EN 9001


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  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • food
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  • automation
  • plastics
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  • model making

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