Marking Systems Overview

A wealth of application options


  • Marking to document inspections of weldments in sheet metal and pipe
  • Marking rejects
  • Marking complying parts
  • Marking following leak testing
  • Marking as an orientation aid (indicating the installation position)
  • Identifying similar-looking but differing models
  • Marking cutting and bending lines
  • Marking lines used for manufacturing purposes

Substrates: metal, plastic, glass, paper, cellulose, cork, stone, ceramics, wood, cardboard, rubber, textiles.

Dot and bar codes with paint spray technology

The applications for dot or bar codes vary widely. The major advantage of the paint spraying process is the fact that the marks are applied without touching the object. That is one reason why the process is preferred for marking for objects in the metals and plastics processing industries. Markings can be applied in any attitude and orientation.

Special spray gun configurations are also possible so that classifications can be distinguished with differing colors. This enables encoding as per any of a number of criteria.

Please take note of our Select systems and combination systems.

Identification using marking blocks

Pneumatically and electromagnetically driven marking block are available to apply alphanumeric characters. These large-character printers are, as a rule, fitted with from four to nine spray nozzles. Special configurations can be assembled.

Printing systems

We are also your specialist of choice for all kinds of printing:

  • High-resolution HRI and HRI-UV inkjet printers
  • Continuous inkjet printers
  • A variety of cartridge printers

Other applications

Marking guns are suitable not only for marking and signing but also for intricate, sharp-edged painting and a wealth of other purposes.