Case Studies

Felt Rolling Process

Customer has a continuous felt rolling process with built in metal detector.

When metal is detected the machine alarms and shuts down.

This allows metal to be manually removed by accessing the plant.

Once complete the machine is reset and restarted.

This resulted in excessive downtime and high labour cost.


Installation of System Select 6 triggered by metal detector which through spray marking indicates the area of metal contamination.

This has resulted in reducing downtime and allows metal removal at the end of the process, during trimming, thus better utilisation of labour.

Customer very pleased and discussing additional systems on other sites.

To date six systems supplied.

Application of Mould Release Agent to Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Before moulding a mould-release is sprayed onto the mould cavities to prevent the material sticking to the mould tool after moulding.

Area of application varied depending on pattern being produced.

This operation was performed manually using aerosol spray cans.

This resulted in over use of mould release, inconsistent application, excessive waste stream in addition to health and safety concerns.


Installation of 2 banks of vertically mounted automatic spray guns capable of being triggered individually.

Mould release agent is bulk fed from Pressure Tank, with constant level device resulting in completely sealed system.

Gun mounting frame pneumatically controlled to sequence with the mould cycle.

Complete computerised control system with built programmes to meet all variations.

This has resulted in increased productivity, reduced cost and reduced waste.

To date one system installed, second on order.

Foam Manufacturer

Application of protective covering to pre-formed foam rectangular units.

Production performed manually utilising 2 component gun to apply adhesive and locate protective covering.

This resulted in high labour cost, 2 operators, on 3 shift system. High adhesive usage and inconsistent application.


Working closely with robotics company we reprogrammed existing redundant 3 axis robot to accept fully automatic 2 component spray gun.

This has resulted in the saving of one operator and increased productivity with the added benefit of reduced adhesive usage.

Currently undergoing long term trial to evaluate cost savings.




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